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Rising from Obscurity: Harriet Susannah Ellis . Biography of an Irish great-great grandmother who lived 1863 – 1939. Authors: Kim Burkhardt and Brian Ellis


Don’t Forget the Ladies: Four maternal great-great grandmothers

Author: Kim Burkhardt with contributor Brian Ellis

About Don’t Forget the Ladies: Four maternal great-great grandmothers:

  • Four geographically distinct women
  • These four women were born in the 1840’s – 1860’s
  • Their ancestral lineages, their families’ moves westward, their own lives during the era of Laura Ingalls Wilder, their offspring, and – finally – four shared (and final) descendants in the northwestern “Fourth Corner” of the continental United States.

Part of an “Out of Obscurity” book series, bringing to light the the lives of individual women of yesteryear.